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The reason I got this tablet is because I was looking for an really high end laptop. but in the meanwhile I needed something temporary. That could do office and could do some general interesting things.

More / better pictures : http://raymondvandervelde...leid=7&cntnt01returnid=57

You can buy the product here !

Battery life:

The battery life of the tablet is quite good. It lasts doing some webbrowsing. For about 5 hours and about half of that for gaming. (played combat arms using windows)

Booting and shutting down:

Again pretty good. However in my few days of useage it crashed 2 times, once while booting. Once on shutdown. But otherwise its pretty rapid. I must have installed or done something wrong.. computers will be computers..


I've tried gaming under windows. I could play the old online FPS shooter Combat Arms at 1200x600 something. With about 60 fps. Its not the best. But its playable. Otherwise you can use steam inhome streaming at home to stream GTA V or any other games using steam. This works better the faster your internet connection is.


The resolution of the tablet seems low on the first sight being 1280x800. But once your boot into Android or Windows. Its not that bad as I`ve expected. However, Windows scaling is quite small. Not recommanded for people with bad eye sight!!!!!

The colours on the screen look pretty good. Its has nice viewing angels. Im not an expert in screen colours. But I've seen far and far worse.


The sound is really bad.. Nothing much to say about that.. Headphone jack works properly. The jack is actually quite powerfull / loud.


The wifi seems pretty strong in this tablet. Has no problems being an floor higher or an few more meters away. But test I've done arent the fastest either. I've got an 50mb/s connection on cable to my ISP. And the network adapter had an 72mb/s connection to the tablet. Speed test came out 17-20mb/s max.


Well.. Just like the sound. Its pretty bad. But I did not got it to make pictures. Its just for scanning QR codes where need to. Or to skype maybe once.

Case and keyboard:

The case and keyboard seem of pretty good quality. However by opening the package. I made an small scratch on my keyboard :( . Also it has an minor few issues. The keyboard bluetooth light does not seem to work. Also the charging light went off randomly once. The connecting part is also sometimes an bit buggy... To connect my keyboard I turn it off and on. But I dont think thats the way it should work..Because there is an connect button.

The biggest thing I missed using this keyboard is an print screen button. It has no option for one.. and I really needed one. so I`ve remapped my End button in my Windows to make an print screen. Also backlit would be an great thing. And would look really cool. But I can see that being expensive.

Build quality and tablet looks.

The build quality of the tablet on the first sight does not look as High end as the Samsung tab 4 or the iPad air. However for the money and it being an chinese tablet. It does not "crack" or falls apart like my first phone I've ordered from china. Its pretty good overal


This is the best part of the tablet. You wont get any more speed for this amount of money. Its quad core processor really does its job for day to day office usage and web browsing. And also alows you to watch some movies or play some simple or older games. The memory/ram is also great. Got about 112 mb/s on the benchmark. This makes it boot fast. However you cant expect it to play your games on anything then the lowest. Or play 50 gb/s blu-rays over network. It has its limits.

Software related:

First of all. It comes with pre-installed versions of Android and Windows. These also got there own pre-named users. I did not really like the chinese used username on Android or the simple "A" on Windows. I`ve had to change settings. Also changed the language to dutch. I've had to google how. but got it working in the end.

Then I've used an Samsung evo 64gb card. That should go up to 48mb/s but the device does not seem to support anymore then 22mb/s. Also using an SD card in Windows will make Android complain about having an wrong formatted SD card insterted.


If you're looking for an tablet that can do ALOT for not much. This would be the one to get. Its overall battery / screen / speed are good enough. And the fact it comes with Windows + Android + office 365 is an good deal.